The 3rd International Conference on Food Nutrition & Safety and Medicinal Chemistry

Conference Time

December 4-5,2020


Dr. Lu
Dr. Guo

About ICFNSMC 2020

The International Conference on Food Nutrition & Safety and Medicinal Chemistry, sponsored by the International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Food Nutrition/Safety and Medicinal Chemistry, has been successfully held in 2016 and 2018. More than 100 experts and scholars from China, France, America, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and other countries and regions participated in the meeting, and more than 30 well-known scientists made wonderful academic reports at the conference, which greatly promoted international scientific and technological cooperation in the field of functional food and pharmaceuticals in China and even the world.


In the era of great health, the demand for food and medicine is much higher than before, and there is more and more interdisciplinary integration. In order to further accelerate and promote interdisciplinary research, inspire the production and transformation of more innovative achievements, and develop more and closer international cooperation research, the 3rd International Conference on Food Nutrition & Safety and Medicinal Chemistry will be held in Tianjin on December 4-5th, 2020. The conference will invite well-known experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to share the latest scientific research progress and industrial development trends in the field of general health, provide a high-level exchange platform for experts, scholars and enterprise personnel at home and abroad, promote industry-university research cooperation and achievement transformation, and accelerate the high-quality development of food safety and pharmaceutical research in China.

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